As a real estate agent, your primary focus and time are best spent providing expert services for your clients' buying and selling needs. OCRPM has made it easy to expand your offerings with a top-notch, professional property management service while earning a generous referral fee for each property. This way, you increase your income potential by devoting your energy into your business. Moreover, when it's time to sell, we will return your client back to you.

$750 referral fee (vacant property)
Retained clients for sale of property
High quality PM offering for your clients
Maximize your earning potential
A Successful Partnership

Stream of Income For each property that signs with OCRPM, you get 20% of the management fees collected each month. When you send us your client info, we'll reach out and handle the rest. Once we start collecting rent, payment is automatically sent to you.

Top of Mind

The timing of follow ups with real estate clients who may be selling in the future can be tricky. Research has shown that people choose to sell with agents based on valuable information and resources they've provided, expertise, and follow-ups. Your clients already trust you for your expertise, so when you refer them to a reputable property management company, you're providing a valuable resource to them which further boosts their loyalty. We handle the follow up by handing the client back to you in the best possible timing.

Technology and Compliance

If you want to offer the best property management experience for your clients, it would take an investment in technology platforms and time spent understanding the nuances of the law. At OCRPM, we utilize advanced technology systems along with our highly personalized approach to customer service. Owner portals allow 24/7 access to all property information. We have a designated team of trusted and expert service providers to handle maintenance and emergency repairs. We are in compliance with landlord tenant laws, ADA, and fair housing and stay abreast of best practices within this ever-changing industry. We have 25 years of OC market knowledge and experience and a reputation built on high standards of excellence.

Undivided Focus

If you've managed properties, you know it requires a lot of time dealing with tenant screenings, showings during a lease, tenant issues, property maintenance and repairs, as well as communication with the property owner. Hour for hour, your time is much more financially valuable when your dedicated focus remains on your expertise. For this reason alone, partnering with us pencils out for you.